Frafraha Owusu Ansah Road, Accra Ghana
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Academic Programme

The Royal Community School (TRS) curriculum is fully based on the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) prescribed syllabus with a few innovations to meet current global trends

Our Preschool adapts the GES early childhood care and development curriculm and the Montessori method of teaching. We offer a strong focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills as well as curriculum that is differentiated to cater for a variety of learning styles and needs.

In the Lower Primary Department the following subjects are taught:

1. English Language made up of the following aspects
» Composition (Classes 1&2) » Grammar and Vocabulary » Spelling » Writing» Reading /Library Studies
2. Mathematics (Sums in classes 1&2)
3. Religious and Moral Education (R. M. E)

4. Natural Science
5. Creative Arts
6. Ghanaian Language & Culture (Ga/AkuapimTwi)
7. French
8. Physical Education (PE)
9. Extra Curriculum activity

» English Language
» Ghanaian Language & Culture (Ga/AkuapimTwi)
» French
» Mathematics
» Integrated Science
» Religious and Moral Education (RME)
» I.C.T
» Citizenship Education
» Creative Arts
» Physical Education (PE)
» Extra Curriculum Activity

At the Junior High School level, Pupils will be required to take/ study eight (8) main subjects, out of which seven (7) are examined at the Basic Education certificate Examination (B. E. C. E)
1. English Language
2. Mathematics

3. Integrated Science
4. Social Studies
5. Basic Technology and Design (Life Skills / Graphic
Design/Pre-Technical Skills)
6. Ghanaian Language & Culture (The School offers
either AkuapemTwi or Ga)
7. French
8. I. C. T
10. Physical Education (PE)
11. Extra Curriculum Activity

Clubs are organized every Wednesday from 2:20pm to 3:20pm. Every Child is expected to belong to a club. He /she is allowed to change the club only at the end of one academic year. The following are the clubs operating in the School

a. Girls Guide     g. Science
b. Good News    h. Reading
c. Boys Scout     i. Dance and Drama
d. Red Cross       j. Leadership and Motivation
e. Music              k. Art and craft.
f. Science            l. Current affairs

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